We’re committed to building for the long term. Holding one of our NFTs is your key to being a part of the NeoCommunity.

The roadmap will be decided by our community with the team helping to facilitate some of the best collabs in the space. Further surprises are already in the pipeline.

We aren’t imposing strict deadlines on ourselves. We’ll under-promise, and over-deliver.

PHASE 0 – Pre-Launch

  • Create a collection of 1000 NeoElves
  • Build a strong NEO community
  • Allocate Whitelist spots to members

PHASE 1 – Presale + Mint

  • Releasing of 1000 NeoElves on Solana Blockchain
  • First to mint will become OG Founders
  • Close mint for OG Founder spots (CLOSED)
  • Run a smooth mint at an affordable price
  • Listing on the main Solana marketplaces Magic Eden and OpenSea

PHASE 2 – Benefits to Holders

  • With MatricaLabs we will create our NeoChat with exclusive announcements
  • Organize giveaways with our NEO Holders
  • Access to our Alpha Channel where we will drop the next mints with profit
  • Create NEO DAO (WL opportunities, airdrops, raffles)

PHASE 3 – Continue Building

  • Drop great NEO merch
  • All holders will have guaranteed WL spots for future projects
  • Getting ready for the NeoJapan launch
  • Roadmap 2.0